NDPA Educational Conference 2018

The Drennen’s Dreams Foundation is happy to support, via Families United To Prevent Drowning, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance’s Educational Conference for 2018.  We will be manning a booth at the conference and will be speaking in a session highlighting our partnership with the Red Cross.

Live Lifeguard Presentations

Even though most of the country has their outdoor facilities closed for the winter, indoor pools are still open and, believe it or not, the summer swimming season is on the way!  Don’t let the training and motivation of your lifeguards lapse during the winter.  We are available for live lifeguard presentations all year. Contact us to schedule your live, on-site training!



Water Safety

Our mission at Drennen’s Dreams Foundation is to honor Drennen’s legacy by emphasizing the importance of high safety standards for lifeguards, pool management and aquatics facilities. To read more about our goals and case for support, please see our Foundation page.

The Drennen’s Dreams Foundation Board of Directors:

Dave Hanna-President

Steph Petersen-Vice President

Jenn Engerman-Secretary

Tonya Ortiz-Treasurer


Members at Large: Jen Darling, Tom Hinchsliff, Jason Holmes, Ashley Bock, Bill O’Melia, Melissa O’Melia, Shanda Velisek, Jennifer Leyden, Bruce McCrea, Betsy Sweet, Jeff Rudolph and Darby Engerman

To donate to Drennen’s Dreams Foundation through Colorado Gives, please click the image below. Thank you for your continued support!


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