DZone LogoDrennen was an active member of St. Timothy’s Youth Group. He loved to bring his friends along to all of the activities that were offered. St. Tim’s had plans for build a new youth center for many years but could not get the financial backing to make it a reality. Drennen happened to “sneak a peek” at the building plans for the center and continuously asked his youth leader when this would be done. Unfortunately Drennen never got to see the youth center completed. Soon after his death, Bill and Melissa were approached by the church leaders and it was decided the youth center would be completed in Drennen’s memory. St. Timothy’s, the O’Melia family and hundreds of volunteers spent a year raising over $120,000 in cash and in-kind donations. On June 6, 2012, exactly two years after Drennen passed away, the Drennen O’Melia Youth Center, lovingly called the D’Zone, opened at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. Many of the friends and families who are now involved with the Drennen’s Dreams Foundation helped with this fundraising project on behalf of St. Timothy’s. Today, the D’Zone serves kids in the community Tuesday-Thursday afternoons as well as “Tasty Tuesday” lunches to high school kids in the area as well as parent support through Love and Logic programs.

To learn more about The D’Zone, read the full story here.


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