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May Is National Water Safety Month

May 7, 2019

National Water Safety Month (NWSM) engages the public to raise awareness about water safety and highlights the importance of public education regarding safer practices for kids and adults when they’re in and around water.

May has been designated as National Water Safety Month in recognition of the popularity of swimming and other water-related recreational activities in the United States, and the resulting need for ongoing public education on safer water practices, including swim lessons, the buddy system, parental supervision, following the posted rules, and always being “water aware.”

Started in 2003, NWSM has grown into an annual month-long event that is supported by thousands of aquatics facilities and professionals that provide educational programs, public service announcements, governmental proclamations, dealer and aquatics business promotions and the distribution of water safety themed materials, designed to help prevent water-related fatalities, illnesses and injuries.

“National Water Safety Month is a powerful way to send a crucial message at the start of the busy summer swim season,” said Connie Harvey, Director of the Aquatics Centennial Initiative for the American Red Cross. “There are layers of protection involved in water safety. Ensuring everyone in the family learns how to swim and that parents and caregivers have the knowledge and skills to handle emergencies around the water, including how to perform CPR is a good place to start. National Water Safety Month helps us communicate these messages.”

“More than 9 in 10 Americans believe it is important for children to learn how to swim at an early age,” said Barbara Tulipane, CAE, NRPA president and CEO. “That’s why we’re proud to promote the importance of water safety at our nation’s park and recreation centers where there are opportunities for everyone, especially children, to learn how to swim.”

Hundreds of water safety awareness and educational events take place during the month including:

International Water Safety Day – May 15, 2019

Registration for World’s Largest Swimming Lesson – June 20, 2019

Detailed information and free resources in support of National Water Safety Month, for both consumers and businesses, can be found at

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