Who We Are

Drennen’s Dreams Foundation is a national drowning prevention and water safety nonprofit organization. We were founded by Bill and Melissa O’Melia, their friends and community in 2012. We became a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2014.

Drennen was the victim of a tragic drowning accident.  In his memory, the primary focus of Drennen’s Dreams is promoting drowning prevention and water safety to ensue that no more unnecessary deaths occur due to insufficient training of lifeguards, lack of necessary monitoring and medical equipment, and mismanagement of pool facilities.  We work with private and nonprofit organizations with pools, water parks and waterfronts to reinforce accountability standards and ensure lifeguards know how to implement their training, and we will help lifeguards understand what is truly at stake while they are on duty. Most importantly we inspire their confidence and vigilance while on duty. We help aquatics managers understand their duties regarding establishing protocols, procedures, emergency action plans, in-service training and equipment training. For facility owners/operators we help them understand water activity risk management through appropriate oversight, responsibility and accountability to create a culture of patron safety and fun.

Each year we lead approximately 50-100 presentations to lifeguard, aquatics managers and facility owner/operators in the greater Denver area, Rocky Mountain region and throughout the United States. In addition we provide a video presentation for purchase. Our videos have been purchased by aquatics organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Drennen’s Dreams Foundation is also featured in the ‘Not On Your Watch’ American Red Cross training video. We also support training provided by Jeff Ellis Corporation and other aquatics certification organizations. We reach between 250,000-350,000 lifeguards annually.

In 2019 we began developing resources for pediatricians to share with families and hospitals to share via their safety stores. We also began delivering presentation to families, MOPS groups and other organizations supporting youth development and safety.

Drowning is preventable. By engaging aquatics organizations, communities and through your support we make a significant difference that impacts millions of families who enjoy safe, fun water activities.

The Drennen’s Dreams Foundation Board of Directors:

Melissa O’Melia – President
Rick Bruno – Vice President
Jeff Rudolph – Treasurer
Beth Whitenight – Secretary

Members At Large:

Don Cardona
Shawn Cummings
Michelle Chaffin
Jen Roe Darling
Craig Dies
Jenn Engerman
Tom Hinchsliff
Jake Lewinson
Bill O’Melia
Stephanie Petersen
Shanda Velisek

Ad Hoc:

Leslie Klane, Executive Director
[email protected]
(720) 735-2035

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