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Donations to Drennen’s Dreams Foundation underwrite the presentations we offer lifeguard, aquatics managers and facility owners/operators. The organizations we present to reimburse us for our direct travel expenses. This makes it possible for us to present to a greater number of aquatic organizations and aquatic professionals locally, regionally and nationally. In 2018 we increased the number of presentations we delivered by 300% and presented in 11 states. Between our presentations and video presentations we reached 320,000 lifeguards, managers, facility owner/operators and aquatics professionals.

Drowning is preventable. By sharing Drennen’s story we allow lifeguards, managers and facility owner/operators to see themselves in the story. It is impactful, encouraging them to understand their role and responsibility, and carry out their duties with vigilance and confidence so that everyone enjoys the water safely. Your support makes that possible. As a result millions enjoy pools, waterfronts and water parks safely.

We offer multiple ways to support the organization from one time donations or recurring monthly donations to legacy or endowment gifts.

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Thank you to everyone who supported Drennen’s Dreams Foundation on Colorado Gives Day. We raised almost $11,000 on that day! Donations underwrite the presentations we lead for aquatic organizations, lifeguards and managers. With your support we are impacting over 500,000 lifeguards and managers annually which in turn impacts millions of pool, waterfront and waterpark patrons. By working together we can realize our goal: Drowning is preventable!

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