Bequests, Legacy Giving, Endowment

Drennen’s Dreams Foundation can provide information and resources for those interested in making a bequest in order to support our drowning prevention and water safety outreach.

Legacy giving is an excellent way to support Drennen’s Dreams Foundation for an extended period of time. We are able to receive legacy gifts to support our mission and outreach.

Drennen’s Dreams has created an endowment fund to help sustain our mission. Endowment funds are invested and managed to provide annual interest from the account. Drennen’s Dreams receives 95% of that interest to support our mission and reinvests 5% of the interest back into the endowment fund in order to grow the principle and generate more interest ongoing income. The principle balance is preserved and invested to help sustain the mission long term.

To discuss or make a bequest, legacy gift or endowment gift please contact us at:

Office:                303-489-7440
Email:                  [email protected]

6874 S Franklin Cir, Centennial, CO 80122