Family Resources

Coming soon – We will be offering presentations to mom’s organizations and family organizations to equip them with basic drowning prevention and water safety tool, techniques and awareness. Our goal is to prevent drowning and near drowning incidents while equipping families to enjoy water activities with confidence. In addition to the presentation we will provide handouts and resources for families. The information will include:

  • Share drowning and near drowning statistics to build awareness.
  • Share Drennen’s story as awareness building and what to observe at public aquatic facilities.
  • Practices to avoid near drowning or drowning accidents in backyard and inflatable pools, public/private pools, water parks and waterfronts.
  • Proper vigilance and supervision during water based recreation activities, proper ‘spotting’ technique.
  • Swimming lessons are extremely important in building skill and confidence, coupled with water condition awareness.
  • The importance of learning CPR and basic first aid.
  • Use of life vests during aquatic activities.
  • A lifeguard’s responsibility is vigilance and protecting all participants’ safety, not daycare.
  • Tips for enjoying water activities confidently and safely.