Life Jacket Loaner Stations

The goals for this program are to increase life jacket wear during water-based activities on lakes, man-made beaches, and reservoirs; and to educate the public about the importance of using a life jacket and how to properly wear and use a life jacket. Our Life Jacket Loaner Stations will provide the public with free use of life jackets on a first-come, first-served basis, while recreating on open water. Research shows that about 90 percent of drownings could have been prevented if the victim had worn a life jacket.

Accidents can happen fast and you may not have time to grab the life jacket so WEAR IT!

Life Jacket Loaner Station(s) will include:

  • Various sizes of life jackets.
  • Signage that shows how to properly fit and wear a life jacket.
  • URL code with Drennen’s Dreams Foundation’s logo so people can quickly access our website for more information on water safety procedures to prevent drowning.
  • Free Water Watcher cards.

In partnership with Safe Kids Larimer County and UC Health Trauma Services, the Drennen’s Dreams Foundation is building our first Life Jacket Loaner Station to be located at Boyd Lake in Loveland, Colorado.