Drennen’s Dreams Foundation offers the following presentations and resources to any organization with a pool, waterfront, water park or water activities. Our presentations support the training and certification you receive from your vendor. The goal of our presentations is to allow lifeguards, aquatic managers and facility owner/operators to be able to see themselves in Drennen’s story so they can. This makes the presentation impactful and memorable. The call to action we offer mobilizes your aquatic staff, raising their level of confidence, competence and vigilance so that your facility is recognized as a safe, fun venue for children, youth and families.  As the experts you invite to share with your staff we make sure we emphasize the information most impactful to your organization.

In order to reach as many lifeguards and aquatic staff as possible we do not charge a fee for our presentation. We ask, please, is that all travel expenses to your location are covered in full and in advance as much as possible.

Lifeguard Presentation

In the Lifeguard Presentation we share Drennen’s story details with an emphasis on helping them learning from Drennen’s story, importance of following their training, completing regular in-service training, equipment training, vigilance and being confident. Sharing Drennen’s story is impactful as it allows each lifeguard to see themselves in the story. With each presentation we provide an in-service training focus or deliverable. We update those regularly so each presentation adds to lifeguard’s knowledge base.

Video Presentation

Not every facility can bring Drennen’s Dreams on-site for an in-person training.  In this case, the Drennen’s Dreams Foundation offers a lifeguard training video version of our lifeguard video presentation.  This video will help you educate your lifeguards, and staff, that drowning is preventable!

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Management Presentation

In the Aquatics Manager presentation the focus is learning from Drennen’s story, their role in setting practices, policies, training, equipment training, scheduling in-service training and emergency procedures. We share information about risk management, manager’s potential personal liability, how to increase patron safety and helping manager’s link practice with sustainability.

Facility Owner/Operator Presentation

In the Aquatic Organization/Facility Owners & Operators presentation we focus on what they can learn from Drennen’s story, understanding their role is selecting and equipping managers, responsibility for insuring policies, procedures and emergency are set/validated. We share information about staff selection and training, risk management, patron safety, and their potential personal liability.