Welcome to Drennen’s Dreams Foundation’s virtual fundraiser! Our theme, ’10 For 10’ is a connection to:

  • It has been ten years since Drennen tragically drown in a lifeguarded pool.
  • Drennen’s Dreams Foundation reaches hundreds of thousands of lifeguards and aquatic professionals annually sharing drowning prevention training, awareness, vigilance and best policies and procedures implementation encouragement.
  • Encouraging your support through your $10 monthly donation or regular donation to support drowning prevention in Drennen’s memory.

Please scroll down this page to check out the whole Virtual Reception. If you would like to make a donation, keep scrolling, you will come to the Donation section where you can offer your support. Thank you!

Virtual Reception Program

Just as if we were meeting in person, there is a lot for you to do in this virtual reception.

View our memory room, post a photo, video, or memory of Drennen, or share how drowning prevention has affected you.

There are wonderful items for everyone. CLICK HERE to view items and bid. Once you bid you will be notified by text or email (your choice) if someone increases the bid, giving you an opportunity to change your bid. Winning bids will be announced at 7:30pm on August 1 during the Virtual Reception

Chat with Bill & Melissa O’Melia, share stories, memories, and connect via our Zoom Room Link from 7:00pm-8:00pm on August 1. Click the icon above or the link below to join:

Virtual Reception Zoom Room
Meeting ID: 878 7304 3850          Passcode: 106226

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    Donate – support drowning prevention and water safety.

    Drowning Prevention Impacts

    • Since Drennen’s tragic accident approximately 36,000 children, youth and adults lost their lives to drowning.
    • Approximately 180,000 more children, youth and adults suffered a non-fatal drowning, many of them with permanent impairment requiring 24/7 care due as a result.
    • Since 2014 Drennen’s Dreams Foundation has led over 121 presentations to thousands of lifeguards, aquatic professionals and aquatic association and drowning prevention association members.
    • Drennen’s Dreams Foundation has presented in 16 states.
    • Since 2016 nearly 400,000 lifeguards and managers annually view the “Not on Your Watch” Drennen’s Dreams Foundation video as part of the American Red Cross lifeguard and aquatic management training/certification.
    • Sold 37 video training presentations viewed by hundreds of lifeguards and managers.
    • Millions of patrons at lifeguarded facilities have enjoyed great days in the water, with everyone going home safely due lifeguard vigilance, training and awareness.
    • Hundreds of thousands of lifeguards and managers have had great aquatic leadership experiences.
    • Now, Drennen’s Dreams Foundation is introducing a mobile application to share drowning prevention and water safety with everyone. The App has an in-service training subscription for aquatic managers to sign up their organization and dramatically increase in-service training for their staff and organization.

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