We met Bill O’Melia from Drennen’s Dreams Foundation at the February 2019 Association of Aquatics Professionals Conference in Texas. I want our lifeguards to understand the seriousness of their job. By allowing us to tell Drennen’s story to them as well as those who come into our facility we can raise awareness and make sure it not only doesn’t happen at our facility, but others as well. The lifeguards at each of our three facilities will be trained to share the story of a child who has drowned in a lifeguarded pool. They will also share what could have been done to prevent their drowning. Lifeguards at our facility will all have pins they are creating reading, “Ask me about Drennen”. This way they can educate our patrons throughout the summer and remain aware of how absolutely crucial their focus is when they are on the job. We will also have big jars each facility will create as a team to raise money for each foundation or scholarship fund. At the end of the summer we will donate the money to the foundation and send you a video where they will reflect and describe how it went throughout the summer. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me at the conference and for sharing Drennen’s story.
20 Feb 2019
Jessica Anson
Branchwood Aquatics Manager, Bella Vista, Ar.
Jessica Anson
It’s been a personal pleasure to watch the Drennen’s Dreams Foundation grow to the community pillar and it is now. The annual 5K is the highlight of the summer for our neighborhood and it is remarkably well-organized and supported by sponsors. The organization is exemplary in its use of media and staying focused on its mission; no surprise given the leadership and character represented on its Board. DDF quietly represents fearless determination, intensive pursuit of goals and perseverance based on overt, unqualified faith in the human spirit. The organization uplifts the spirits of and motivates everyone it touches. Including Drennen’s Dreams in Colorado Gives Day as an emerging Colorado nonprofit will foster a win/win for all.
19 Feb 2019
Mike Hanbery
Marketing Professional, Past Candidate For Centennial City Council
Mike Hanbery

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