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Drennen’s Legacy

August 1, 2020

Everyone knows the basic quote "you won't remember what they said but you'll always remember how they made you feel". Drennen surely captured this for me and boy can I tell you, that guy made me feel loved, heard, and supported. Ever since I can remember, my favorite memory of Drennen and I is sitting across from his house on the curb just talking after night games ended. Whether it was about games, school, or life - I knew I could tell him anything. He was so honest, friendly, and empathetic even as a 12 year old (Crazy, I know!!). He always made me feel like I wasn't crazy for having big dreams and encouraged me to be the best friend I could be. I will forever cherish our conversations, even if I don't remember what exactly we said; I can definitely remember that they made me feel better.

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